About MonCash
About MonCash Business

MonCash Business works closely with individuals, companies, and entrepreneurs to understand their specific needs and develop tailored financial solutions. From salary disbursements, API integrations for online transactions or becoming a MonCash merchant, the team has been helping the development of businesses in Haiti since more than 10 years ago.

Payments Disbursement

MonCash has various payment options that can suit the multiple needs of business owners.

Option A: Merchant

MonCash allows merchants/businesses to receive payment for goods and services electronically. Merchants receive the funds in the form of eCash. Merchant can also paid another merchant (B2B payment). The merchant can track the receipt of payments on a phone, tablet, and/or computer. The eCash can be deposited as cash in the merchants bank account at anytime by a simple request to the bank. Merchants can withdraw their money at a MonCash Agent or at the bank. The merchant can also receive payment via QR code and their code.

To register online a merchant account please click on the link

Option B: Biller

The bill payment service allows users to pay bills and activate internet data plans or cable TV channels through a short code that will be the company identifier and a unique reference number to identify each customer. Payment can be made from the MonCash Menu *202# or the application and also on the company's website. MonCash gives the possibility to integrate with your billing system to allow a real-time update. This option normally comes at the customer's request, it could also allow for an offline model where there is no integration and whose customer billing system update will be done manually for the company.

Option C: Loan Payment

Allows MonCash subscribers to pay or receive loans in electronic format without the need to travel long distances to the closest MFI/Credit Union branch or either carrying big amounts of cash and risking themselves to being attacked or robbed. On the other end the MFIs or Credit Unions e- payment collections are easy, fast to trace and control with real-time access of electronic funds and the visibility to reconcile accounts. E- funds collected are transferred to clients commercial account at their request with no additional cost

Option D: Payroll/Bulk Disbursements

This service is tailored to facilitate corporate institutions such as NGOs, Construction Companies, Factories, Public Institutions etc. who make cash payment to their employees or beneficiaries on a periodic basis, allowing them the ease of effecting payment to their employees/beneficiaries at the click of a button. Payment via MonCash help reduce the risks involved with cash transactions, lower operational cost and offer security to employees/beneficiaries. The Partner also will have the possibility to execute a payroll himself on the MonCash Portal Payroll Platform.




  • Speedier payments from customers who no longer need to visit payment location.

  • Great for loan disbursements and payroll payments as customer no longer have to come to the branch or office.

  • All payments confirmations are received via SMS.

  • Access to a Web-based Portal to view transactions history


  • Real-time payment collection.

  • API integration availability allows fast and real time system interactions.


  • No need to collect and/or transport large amounts of cash

  • E-funds received and stored into your mobile account.

  • Beneficiary verification prior to any payment confirmation.


  • Low cost solution

  • Competitive pricing


  • Simple accounts reconciliation.

  • Multiple disbursments in real time


MonCash API Guide for Developers

For all developers, online service providers (whether owning an ecommerce or mobile App) or simply looking to digitize your payment management, you can now use our MonCash API to easily and securely accept mobile money payments. This API enables your business to automatically collect funds from your customers using their MonCash wallets.

In order to integrate MonCash on your application, you first need to perform a test in our sandbox environment.

To get started with our API integration just simply Create an account into our sandbox portal (click here). After clicking on the link, create an account and make transactions in our online test environment. To follow the tutorial on how to receive payments on your website, click here.

Once completed testing please contact our Business services team via email at or you can also contact our customer service at 202 in order to move to production/live.